Fastback Rear Fender mount

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Dec 26, 2007
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Can anyone advise where the forward end of the rear fender on the fastback mounts?

This is the painted steel fender. It has one centered hole a few inches back from the forward end. I have a rectangular slightly bent plate with 4 holes that I believe to be the mounting bracket. Just don't know where to attach it??? Is it to the back of the battery tray?

I'll check tonight and let you know tomorrow. If memory serves me properly, the early fastback fender has a single bolt attaching to the back of the battery tray. This battery tray is slightly different from the later models. I don't recall a plate with 4 holes.

I'll try to respond tomorrow unless some one else can respond before then.
Hmmm... I checked the bins with the battery box and horn, but I may have the wrong horn bracket. My '68 Fastback is torn down for some minor frame work and paint (don't ask :roll: ). The last '68 I did for a friend is a put away for the winter in his storage shed, so I can't check it for a while.

The early Fastback fender has a single hole in the front as you describe, but the battery box has the two 1/4-28 tapped holes. The '68-'70 factory shop manual isn't much help as it's instructions for removing the rear fender says "remove the front nut from the frame crossmember" (What crossmember??). The '68 parts book under "rear mudguard" lists "rear mudguard/horn bracket bolt", but no part number for a horn bracket. This sounds like the horn bracket bolts to the battery tray and in turn bolts to both the mudguard and the horn.

Perhaps this is the plate you have? Can you post a picture?
I have just had a look at what I believe is an early fastback battery tray in my workshop, It has a narrow tab welded on underneath and there are two long bolts facing backwards which mount a triangular horn bracket made of two identical pieces of metal sandwiched together. This horn bracket has a single hole in the bottom for another bolt to which the horn and the mudguard are both attached, together with the two upper bolts. There is a square plate which appears to have 3 holes (pt number 062169) indicated in my 750 Commando parts book, I believe this is to sandwich the mudguard between the plate and the horn mount to spread the clamping force.
Dave M,
P/N 062169 is not used on the early Fastback. This is the upper bracket that bolts to the frame and the single hole on the chrome and stainless fenders on "S" and later models. It sounds like what you are describing is the standard horn mount for all Commandos. I wasn't sure if I had the wrong mount when Chasesa mentioned the plate with four holes. My battery box also has the triangular double plate attached.

Apparently on the Fastback the center hole mounts both horn and fender. On "S" and later models (and the '71-'73 Fastback) the fender has two slotted lower holes which mount to the bolts attaching the horn bracket to the battery box.

Now I'm even more curious what that plate with four holes is for.
Hi - I checked my 69 fast back fender fit (I am just installing it for the first time), the front hole lines up perfectly with the right (horn "bracket" mounting) hole on the battery tray. I will need to put a small spacer to keep the bottom of the fender from touching the lower "horn" mounting bolt. Hope this is clear if not let me know.

PS - re: your other question (coil mount) I still havn't got the pics but hope to complete this week, will try to take the fender mount as well...

Hope this is helpful. Isn't winter a great time to work on Nortons!
Ron, Thanks for the clarification, the parts book I have is for later models and the supplement that covers earlier models is quite sparse on diagrams. Although the battery tray in hand is definitely the correct one for an early fastback. I seem to remember that I have an early coil mount which looks like a short length of angle-iron. I will try to find it and take a photo.
Hi All,
This exchange helps for lots of reasons. The '68 Spares Book is no help on placement! Nor are later books for some areas of the '68 Commando.

One question was: What to do with the 2 triangular plates from my basket of parts. The other was: Where does the horn mount. Now I will investigate.

As for the bent rectangular bracket, it appears in the later parts book called "fender stay bracket" PN: 062169. I wonder if mine was originally on the '68??
As for the bent rectangular bracket, it appears in the later parts book called "fender stay bracket" PN: 062169. I wonder if mine was originally on the '68??
But this plate has 3 holes, not 4. It has two at the top where it bolts to the frame and a single hole, centered, for the single mount hole in the later chrome and stainless fender.
The two triangular plates are sandwiched with the two bolts that mount the rear mudguard at the upper two holes and are used to mount the horn under the battery tray, facing inwards and the rear mudguard on the same horn mounting bolt facing backwards. Call me old fashioned, but I generally rewire and mount the horn somewhere that other road users can actually hear it.
But this plate has 3 holes, not 4. bent plate has 4 holes so it's not likely the fender bracket.

Checked the horn & yes, its 2 bolts mount as described (that helps). But, there's no single bolt that would accept the front end of the fender.

Does anyone have a picture?? Please send to:
The triangular plates mount with the two narrowly spaced holes onto the back of the battery tray. The single hole points downward and a horn is mounted with a single bolt through this hole. I believe the two triangular plates act as a sprung mount for the horn.
I found this in a box of spare parts. The label is in my handwriting, but I don't remember it.
Chasesa, is this the bracket you are talking about?
Fastback Rear Fender mount

Anyone recognize where this fits on the frame? It is approximately 8 inches at the widest point.
Hi Ron,
A picture is worth a 1000 words & I don't have that part.

Perhaps someone can advise where the wide end mounts.

Thanks, Les!
I have further identified this as p/n 061400 which did not enter the parts book until the 'S' model supplement.

This probably wound up in my box because the frame I used for my '68 came from a '69 'S'. I'm still curious how it mounts tho. I'll find out this coming weekend as my buddy is taking his one-owner '69 'S' to Daytona with us.
fast back rear fender mount

Chasesa, If you look on evil-bay under fast back you will find a couple of good photos of a FB battery base with an odd nut attached to upper horn mount on the timing side, that might give you an idea.
Thanks Biker-man!! This is great & a good example of the worth of a picture!!

BTW, where in NS do you live?

Thank to all for helping me solve this (really simple) problem.
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