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Jan 14, 2004
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I have been needing a new exhaust collar tool for some time. When I saw an odd looking one on e-bay (yes, I am a junkie) I went for it.
What a fabulous tool. I immediately tried it on a 750, it fut snugly and worked great. When I went to tighten it, I felt some binding and realized I hadn't released the tabbed washers. (You know, poor light, no glasses) It had ripped right through the tabs.
I really like this tool. I am not techie enough to put pix on this web site, but I am sure it still can be seen on e-bay. Item #4587515942
I am pretty sure it can purchased directly.
Here's the return address on the box.

Stone Machine Co
45 East Derry Rd.
Chester, NH 03036-4318
(603) 887-4287
Looks like a nice one Mike. I just have the standard "one claw" variety. It works ok although yours looks like a better design.

I don't use the tab washers. Used to use them on the 850. The nuts would still work loose and then they would rattle around against the tab washers and wear out the threads.

This reminds me of the tool I have used for years. I have heard them called "spanner wrenches" or "hook spanner" and are similar to what is used to adjust the preload on shocks. I have found several at flea markets and yard sales for a dollar. I have small ones I carry in my tool bag and a larger one in the shop.

The amusing part is when I won the "factory Norton tool" here on this website for identifying the Norton 76. It is almost identical to the spanner I have used for thirty years!
Exhaust tool
I don't use the washers either. Which is why I didn't even look before I used the wrench. They were still there from the PO.

I also have a factory wrench that's showing it's age. Maybe the 5ft. extension pipe has something to do with it
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