Exhaust help

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Dec 31, 2005
I need a pic of how the "pea Shooter" style exhaust is mounted, the manual and parts book are a little confusing and I want to make sure I got it right.

If you could post it or emial it to me at slimspidey@gmail.com it would be greatly appriciated.

If you mean how the mounting plates fit then I hope these show what you want?:

I don't know if you are fitting peashooters for the first time but 'black cap' mounting plates are different shapes and do not fit the peashooters?

Exhaust help

Outside View
Exhaust help

Exhaust help
I hate to be a pain but can you get me a closer shot of the bottom pic?

Thanks, it is exactly what i ment!
Unfortunately that is about as close as my small camera will focus, but I have blown it up a bit so you may be able to see better.

If you set the plates out as shown in the first lot of photos the large plate goes behind the footrest alloy plate, the small triangular plate sits outside the alloy plate with two bolts through the holes closest together.
The passenger foot rest goes through the top hole with a spacer between the two plates and the bolt at the rear.

The rubber mounts fit on the outer side of the two rear holes of the back plate and the two holes of the diamond plate that are the furthest apart fit to the rubber mounts. The two holes that are the closest together on the diamond shaped plate are the mounting holes for the pea shooter. Fit the diamond shaped plate to the pea shooter first before fitting to the rubber mounts
Exhaust help
Are you kidding? in comparison... mine look like the "Bismark"...but she's been under water for 60 years...

Compliment on the fine way you explained the answer to that question...first couple photos are reall well put together...do a book! "How to find out what is really in those boxes you just bought at the fleamarket"...could be a new york times "Best seller"..... :wink:
Thanks hewho,

Although I think I would have to change the title of the book to: "How to buy lots of Norton parts on eBay that you don't really need but that might just come in useful someday!"
reminds me of someone I know....no house would be big enough to hold everything he might need...stupid thing is....most often, he does need the thing...eventually.

I will be soooooo happy when this cold wave goes by...I'm sitting here with a heating pad on my lap and a wool hat on...hope the motherboard doesn't freeze up! LOL....

PS...there has indeed been a lot of Norton stuff on the ebay recently...all those lonely motherless parts.....makes you think........someone has to set up an adoption agency...fur shure, fur shure!
Wow.....Can I relate to this topic....Thank you for the detailed pictures! I have those parts in a big box I got with the bike, and I had no idea what they were until just now.....THANK'S
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