ebay scams and warnings

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Aug 29, 2005
this a warning to all you rabid ebayers out there to watch out for second chance scams...i recently missed out on some stuff cuz i wasnt going to pay the really big bux that others have to play with but i digress... a day after i received an email informing me that the winning bidder had declined the purchase and i had the opportunity to get it at my bid price...and i fell for it....the emails looked like legit ebay even if they were rather far fetched but its a big internet world and not beyond the realm of possibility...fortunately others down the line of bidders had received the same emails and contacted me to see what the story was....there is an ebay security site where you can forward any of these emails to see if they are real...like the ones that say you must resubmit your bidder info or your account will be suspended...anything that is important about ebay should come up on you ebay messages and not just by your email...this was almost a really expensive mistake and i hope nobody else gets burned on this
Yup, gotta be careful about those! I received a couple of second chance offers recently. The first was on a 1957 BSA Goldstar. I'd made a frivolous bid and a fake second chance offer arrived after the auction closed. Tipoffs: user id wasn't the same as the seller's and the scammer offered free shipping! Plus in this case I knew the winning bidder (another Bullet owner) and I knew he hadn't backed out of the purchase!

The second was a 1957 BSA A10 that I made a really frivolous bid on. His opening bid was $1 so I bid $10 :!: Couldn't resist. It didn't hit his reserve and I received a legit second chance offer from him. I'm not sure why, maybe because I was the first bidder on it.

If the second chance offer is legit you'll see it as a Buy It Now when you log into ebay. It will be on your MyEbay page as either a 1-day or 3-day BIN. Plus, of course, it will be from the same user id. Would be a good idea to confirm it by contacting the seller directly before sending off your money

The A10 could have been mine for $6500 (plus shipping). I decided not to go for it though.

Hi Barry

Twice in the last three weeks i have received a very official looking e-mail from " E Bay " . It advised me that my account had sat idle for too long and that i would need to re-submit my personal banking information.

Credit card number and company , expirey date , and number on the back. The form to fill out is exactly that of the one you would fill in when signing up for e-bay for real. I have never bought anything yet from e-bay so this may have been legitimate but they were asking for just too much. I too forwarded the e-mail off to E-Bay and they promptly advised me that this was a scam.

Pay attention folks. Like Barry stated . Check your E Bay " Messages Box" If the e-mail is not in there it did not come from E-Bay and you are being scammed

Thanks for the post Barry

Hi Barry,

The scam you are talking about is called Phishing. As you said it is someone pretending to be paypal or ebay or similar.

I know alot about phishing. Our business is web hosting:


We have the latest security measures in place on our servers.

Just to let you know it is very possible to identify Phishing scams at the server level. I am not sure where you host your email, but they should be able to filter out the majority of those scams. Ask them if they can prevent "Phishing" emails.

We still let the emails go through but with a warning message attached and the option to filter them.

Usually on one server we find about 10 ebay scams a day to our customer all of which we catch at the server level.

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ebay scams and warnings
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