drouin superchargers

Aug 29, 2005
greetings from the great white north...now that the children [james norton and son mk. ll] are old enough i am looking for any supercharger related stuff, especially drouin, so that they can have the experience...it has been my experience that bolt on is anything but [the saying goes that you always get a screwin with a drouin] so maybe with modern technology we can resurrect this aspect of customising....if you have anything laying about that you are never going to get around to please keep us in mind as a good home for it even if it is really junk or a half finished whatsit it is still patterns or ideas....i hope i can find something in a commonly available turbocharger that can be modified into a belt drive supercharger to keep costs down or a surplus marshal-godfrey setup that was popular in the 60s[remember the 60s?] when the truly creative people were building things....but if you have a new in box setup that would be best of all...we are not interested in flipping stuff on ebay or making any money on this and any anything we discover that would be of help to the community we will gladly post...we do not have anything for sale or trade and anything that we do get will always be offered first to the person that we aquired it from if it must be disposed of...any leads are also welcomed...thanks ever so much barry, james and mark huron...brooklin ontario thebear@interlinks.net