Did you get a nice "Norton" xmas present? Show us

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Mar 19, 2005
Most of us got some Norton or motorcycle related present, for Christmas. Show the rest of us the neat item you got, so we know just what to ask for next year! Try to add some info as to where to get it and such if you can. The world is a big place and there must be some real cool things we have never seen before and would just love to receive as a present. Surprise us!

Mine comes from my daughter and will find a place in my office. Made by "Solido" as a part of thier new "Joe Bar Team" collection. 1 to 18 scale. Is free standing, no cover/enclosure. Photos taken as it comes packaged. They are based in France. Seems to be well made and pretty well detailed. Must be available in the states sometime soon. Happy Holidays to you all!

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Did you get a nice "Norton" xmas present?  Show us

Did you get a nice "Norton" xmas present?  Show us
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my xmas present to myself

Not a Norton, but I did buy myself a motorcycle-related xmas present. It is, in fact, a new motorcycle for the collection. I picked it up Wed and took it out riding today. So, meet Elsa, the newest resident of Debby's Garage:

Did you get a nice "Norton" xmas present?  Show us

Elsa is a Bultaco Sherpa T trials bike, a Model 49 from about 1970 or so (Bultacos are identified by model number not by model year). I'm planning to try some vintage trials events next year.

We had nice warm dry weather so I took her out today for some trail riding. The bike works very well although she does have a few teething problems to sort out. She's a fun bike to ride.

This dirt biking is hard work though. I'm tired!

Here is what I got

Traded in the ST for this Rocket3:
Its got 63 miles on it and I love it so far. Like riding the space shuttle.

Did you get a nice "Norton" xmas present?  Show us

Happy Holidays

Your little girl wants to ride the Norton! Cute!

Maybe she'll grow up to be a Norton enthusiast :D

New Rocket 3

Hi Jerry,

Why did you get rid of the Sprint ST - bored? The reason I ask is I've considered one.
ST to Rocket


I used my Triumph ST to commute everyday for the last year or 2. I have to ride through about 30 street lights. I found the ST to be fantastic on the open road, but terrible in town. Gearing sucks around town. The ST is designed for the wide open road and for that its perfect.

1) Wrists hurt
2) Left foot hurts from shifting
3) Back aches
4) My mrs wants more comfort.
5) They are all my exuses for a change

So I read every article that has been written about the Rocket. I bought it without a test ride.

I made the right choice! Rocket is far more comfortable than the ST [even though ST had great Sargent saddle, which is now for sale if anyone wants it].

Rocket seems to handle well.

Most importantly and surprisingly the Rocket is great to ride slowly with the low compression and perfect balance. And of course it seems very powerful.

I only have 63 miles on it so will keep you posted.

I am a bit paranoid as I found out my driving license expired last July, so must get that all fixed now. I hope I dont have to take my tests again!

I will keep you updated on the Rocket. I am going to buy a corbin seat and corbin panniers.

Rocket 3

It all goes along with an earlier post about getting older and wanting a more upright riding position. I've found the same and got rid of my '74 John Player Norton for similar reasons, it's unrideable in my real world.

Good luck with the Rocket 3. Let me know how you like it in a few months.

sorry about hijacking your thread! Your Commando model looks very cool. Things like that are hard to find over here.

My gosh Debbie! That wan't "Hijacking"...and that was a nice Holiday present you gave yourself. There is quite a "Trials" following here, but the machines are often older Brit stuff. I couldn't ride over some of that terrain I have seen ridden by those fellows and gals.

So....don't be concerned about such small things as that. Life's too short to let something like that get you upset. I just started the thread with the hope of giving a couple of us a chance to show off what they got. My model is indeed quite atractive. My daughter was so proud she found it for me. The characters those models are based on, have been bringing smiles to cycle fans here for a while now, and it's nice to see that back when these humorous tales took place....our machines were considered, the hot item to drive....and they still are. Back when I got mine...they were considered among the best, and even today...and as ratty as it is...mine will get attention if I go somewhere. Spose that an exhaust note, like no other, helps. "Cool factor"....but we all know this...that's why we drive one. Ride safe!
My roommate in college during the early '70's had a Montesa Cota 247 trials bike. Took it everywhere in the back of his old Econoline. He'd get bored and disappear for a few moments, then you'd hear that Montesa as he fired it up in the van and rode it out. He'd find a stone wall or picnic table to climb and amuse everyone. He was at one time considered the number two trials rider in Michigan. He used to say that the only other trials bike he would ride would be the Sherpa T! Looked like a lot of fun, but at the time I was still lusting after that P11!

I have also been doing some research on the "Rocket 3".

My wife is taking time off this mid April & I am preparing my 850 for a big trip around Australia "two up".

I am still wondering whether I should possibly do the trip on my Norton or maybe buy one of those new Rockets.....
At the moment I am thinking to leave on my norton & if soemthing happens where I can't fix it...then go buy a new bike & send my norton home via transport carrier.

All the same, something is telling me that I should buy a second hand rocket, do the trip, then possibly sell it when we get back.

So, it would be good to hear what you have to say about your new rocket over the next couple of months.
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