Degree wheel for 850 commando

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Mar 1, 2007
Thanks for all the Boyer info. Where can I purchase a degree wheel to make sure the marks are correct on my commando. I want to make sure the timing light has an accurate refference mark. I am getting kickback on the kick lever that almost puts me in the hospital. I will clean or bypass the killswitch today and do a voltage check to the boyer afterwards. I will also check the trigger wires. I will also get an autotensioner soon. Also what did Norbsa48503 mean when he stated that almost all commandos are timed out of phase by 3 degrees and how do you allow for this???
Mark, Inside the primary cover is a little piece of a degree wheel riveted to the cover. When the rotor spinning and a strobe lamp is illuminating the area you will see the line moving and coming to rest about 5000 RPM. when this line under the strobe comes to rest it needs to be on the 31 degree mark. The problem is the riveted degree wheel section is rarely just right in relation to the mark on the rotor. So you need to use a degree wheel in it's full form at least once to get the crank to a true 31 degrees than read and note what number is shown on the riveted gage on the cover. So as an an example you may find that the rotor line is pointing to 34 when the crank is dead on 31 just scratch (34) it on the inside of the access cover for checking it next year. Finding your corrected number is the goal. There are many other uses for the degree wheel this is just one.
Nice degree wheel! by careful carving of a wine cork I'm able to plug the cd/wheel into the end of the crank. Magnet fixes improvised pointer onto outside of generator. Within the limits of my ageing eyesight & the after-effects of having to empty bottle before the wine goes off, looks like the scale is about 1 deg off. A good tool, thanks! :D
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