cut rear frame loop??

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I recently looked at a commando that had the rear frame loop (behind the seat/ontop of the mudguard) cut off.
I could'nt tell at first why the bike looked different.
I have read an article on the creator of the Commando frame, and I think I remember them mentioning that this was VERY bad for the safety of the bike, anyone else seen this?
I assume the structural integrity of the bike would be somewhat compromised....but I'm not sure.
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The missing frame section you mention does not compromise the structural integrity of the bike, per se. It does, however, compromise fender and seat mounting.


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Well, that makes me rethink a few things on my bike. I've never liked the odd outreach of the rear loop but always thought it would cause some sort of weakness in the frame.
I tried using a humped racing seat from RGM to offset the long looking rear of the bike once clipons were installed, and was currently looking at a Norvil set up with seat/tank witch I really like. Now trimming the rear of the frame might be an option as well.

Thanks for the info Jason
cut rear frame loop

A previous owner had cut off the rear frame loop on my 72 combat approximately where the back of the seat ends. He then made a 1/4 inch thick by 1 1/4 inch wide horseshoe shaped metal bracket with the bracket ears welded to the inside of the remaining loop tubes near their cut ends. the bracket curves up over the rear fender then down to the other loop tube. he then drilled a hole through the bracket and fender and and secured them together with a nut/bolt/ lockwasher. He bobbed the fender and put on a small custom combo tail light/license holder. the fender is really stable, but remember that this one has about 1/3rd of its original length cut off. he found some rubber plugs to close off the openings in the remaining frame tubes. HTH
Frame loops often break right behind the shock mounts when heavy luggage is carried aft. My original frame had this happen and a really nasty repair made. Now that I have a spare engine, I think I'm gonna use that frame and cut off the tail loop as part of my Mad Max track bike.

I’ve had the same thoughts as you Markus; trimming the rear loop and “cleaning” up the hole “rear light / turn signal / license plate holder” assembly, but would probably not start cutting up my frame, if I didn’t have a pretty good idea of how the final result would look like. So…, if anybody out there should have a photo lying around of a Commando with a cut off rear loop / custom made tail light section, please share it with us.. :eek:

/ Niels
Thanks guys-
I guess It wouldn't be such a big deal, and like I mentioned before, I like the look.
But like you Neils, I don't think I'm ready to start chopping up my frame just yet. I'm probably going with the Norvil style that extends to the rear and covers up that space.....for now at least.


If you go to the this link....

You will see where one norton I brought home had come "customising" done to the rear of the frame. Just thought that the photo might give you some idea on how to tackle your frame. We reckon the PO must have had a large pillion passenger to carry possibly ?

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