Compression/Ignition Issue

Aug 12, 2018
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After many months my P11 is running, but only on one cylinder. After realizing this issue, I got new plugs (had the wrong ones anyway) and then, out of curiosity, switched the coil leads between the cylinders.

Well color me surprised when I found out the left side cylinder (we'll call it Cylinder #1) still has spark while the right one (Cylinder #2) still has a stone cold pipe during idle.

I have noticed that when prepping for a good, strong kick, sometimes the kickstart prematurely falls under a light touch from my foot while other times, it's locked up tight ready to give it's all.

Both plugs spark and coils and HT leads are good at this point.

I'm thinking a compression issue at this point? Hopefully a valve adjustment and not a piston/gasket issue.
Did swapping the leads make a difference? I can’t tell from what you wrote.

Do you need us to tell you to check valve clearances and whether the valves open and shut?

Your kickstart story is confusing too. Is one cylinder easier to kick over or is the kickstart mechanism just slipping?

Take one spark plug out and kick it over. Put that spark plug back in, take the other one out and kick it over. Is there an obvious difference between the resistance of the respective cylinders?
Agree with Trident that your KS issue is confusing. Try his one plug test. If no difference, then most likely a worn pawl, pawl spring, and/or worn first gear cogs.

Is the non firing plug carboned up and/or wet? If yes, then possible over rich mixture. If no, possible clogged primary circuit.