1. Branch

    A (Stupid) Question About The N15CS And The P11

    Apologies if this seems painfully stupid to you all but I'm having some trouble figuring out what the major differences are between the Norton N15CS and the Norton P11/Ranger. Could any of you point me in the direction of some information on this? Thanks for your time!
  2. C

    Norton P11a Exhaust Pipe Set (removable baffles/cones) value?

    Hi all....Looking for some help valuing an original set of pipes and mufflers that came off of a P11a I owned 20 years ago. Bike was an earlier and correct restoration and is sadly missed (its now living in Scotland!). These are the rare low set with removable cones and baffles. Chrome is near...
  3. PopsRacer

    Compression/Ignition Issue

    After many months my P11 is running, but only on one cylinder. After realizing this issue, I got new plugs (had the wrong ones anyway) and then, out of curiosity, switched the coil leads between the cylinders. Well color me surprised when I found out the left side cylinder (we'll call it...
  4. PopsRacer

    Spark Arrestors for Mufflers?

    Obviously, these bikes gotta be a gas for off-highway. In the nanny-golden-state of California, spark arrestors are required for much of the grass, brush, tree-lined, and otherwise off-highway vehicles. Don't think these existed in 1968, and I don't think anyone worried about the desert...
  5. vercu

    Digital instruments for a P11

    Hi everyone, As I got a lot of tips and inspirations from this site in the past I want to share my story about installing electronic instruments and the speed sensor on my P11A. Don’t expect fancy machine work here . My skills and workshop equipment is limited. After living nearly 30 years...