1. CaptainBillK

    Ignition / Points - Norton Commando 750 (1971)

    As instructed, I have the indicator set at 28 . I also have the AAU locked to full advance. However, there is no additional adjustment slack available to turn the plate clockwise enough to line things up. This is my first Norton, so I’m new to this. From what I could figure out, the “Drive...
  2. PopsRacer

    Compression/Ignition Issue

    After many months my P11 is running, but only on one cylinder. After realizing this issue, I got new plugs (had the wrong ones anyway) and then, out of curiosity, switched the coil leads between the cylinders. Well color me surprised when I found out the left side cylinder (we'll call it...
  3. Points housing

    Hi all, Some time ago I purchased a contact breaker housing which features a needle roller bearing and a plain bush bearing. I believe the p/n is 033066. It also came with a 10CA points plate which carries no. 47651A and date of mfg. what seems to be 4772 (apparantly made in W47-1972) -...