Commando levers and switchgear.

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Jan 18, 2004
I've never really read or heard anything good about the stock switchgear and levers on the Commando. I'm making the minor changes to bring my '72 to European spec from U.S. spec. I've just installed the lower Euro spec bars and have ran into the expected problem with the stock master cylinder. There is just no way to adjust the master cylinder assembly so that the brake lever sits at a "natural" postion for my hand.

I would like to replace the master cylinder assembly with something different. I would really like to go with an assembly from Magura, but I'm open to other brands. Any recommendations? And, who would be a good dealer to make this purchase through? Preferably someone with a good stock on hand and competent about these modifictions.

Thanks again.
Commando master cylinder


I went the same way with my '73 750 roadster in '85, change from Roadster to Interstate body work, rear sets and lower handlebars. I used BMW R90S type handlebars. With these there was one position only for the master cylinder, but it was comfortable. If you find the expense too much for aftermarket equipment, at least this is a low cost solution.

Ergonomically the Commando switches are pretty clumsy, but for me it isn't a big enough problem to make me want to spend to modify. As far as reliability of the switch gear, the only problem I've ever had was the kill button not making contact (normally on for the bike to run). If you ride in the rain a rubber gasket could be made or a little RTV to fill the gap between the two halves and keep the moisture out.
Master Cylinder

I went the Magura way (after trying a master cylinder from a Honda RR: too much braking power!!!) and I will not go back!!, the Magura is progressive and works perfectly with the stock caliper. The only problem is the brake light switch: you have to find a series 2 BMW to go in there. Of course you have to cut the stock parts off the electrical switch... I will try this winter to adapt: ... MEBWA%3AIT
or another one I saw in Dennis Kirk catalogue; anything but the stock Norton ones :lol:
My concern is with the clutch lever: I saw somewhere that it has to have a certain "throw" to be compatible with the Norton clutch :shock:

I am in the process of using a Magura master cylinder with my old Dunstall double disk front end and have also encountered the brake light switch dilemma.
Can you clarify what you did to the BMW series 2 switch? I'm not familiar with this switch so is it a micro-switch that bolts onto the master cylinder? What did you have to cut off?
Ron Leisner
Master cylinder

I use a Magura 11mm master cylinder on my featherlastic. It has accommodations for a brake switch.

Dennis Kirk part number:
Master cylinder - 57244
Brake switch - 21-315

OOOPS...noy /2 but /5

What I meant is that if you want a light brake switch for the Magura (there is a threaded hole in the front) the only one working is from a series /5 BMW, but you will have to re-thread the said hole!!! Can send you a picture if you want!
Don't know which master cylinder diameter you have to use for the Dunstall!!! :( (only remember that GS Citroen brake pads will fit in there with a minimum of work!)
I will now use a different brake on my Commado:
(same principal than an airline brake ...)
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