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Dec 2, 2008
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Another question I am pondering- The stock switchgear that came with my bike has seen better days. Looking for an upgrade, but would like to make it look new, and functional on both sides, with turn signals, etc. Due to the front master cylinder issues, options may be limited. Any suggestions...?
Clean and polish what you have inside and out, sleeve the master to 12-13MM and run one of my relay kits. Your done cheap and right.
Look on the Colorado Norton works site, They sell some nice stuff. You could buy a new brembo master cylinder for about the same price as some sell the reworked original. They also sell switch gear. :D
alternative switch gear

There are many left and right hand Japanese switches available for cheap on Ebay. Most of them can be easily fitted and wired to your Norton (except the 1 inch stuff). There was enough non original stuff on my bike when I bought it that I did not mind going a little further, consequently, I now run a Suzuki GSXR lefthand switch which has Hi/Lo, directional, horn, kill button, and even a Hi beam flasher button. The CBR600 front brake master cylinder works great too. If you don't need to be original there are alot of options out there.

Thanks for the tip. Interesting, the CBR600 switchgear. The problem, as I saw it, was most Japanese right hand switchgear included the master cylinder. So what you are saying is that you are using the master cylinder with the stock Lockheed caliper??
The problem, as I saw it, was most Japanese right hand switchgear included the master cylinder

If you choose a Brembo or Nissin 12 or 13 mm master cylinder these mount with their own handlebar clip. You need a kill switch that will fit between the throttle and master cylinder. There are many Japanese switches (or my favorite, late Ducati switches) that are suitable. You can then move your old switch gear from right to left to move the turnsignal paddle, or change to a matching switch and clutch lever for the left.

Least work is Greg's suggestion. Have your Norton cylinder sleeved, clean the switch contacts, and use a relay kit. Price will not be significantly different. I have done it both ways.
Does any body have a picture of the switch gear offered by Rocky Point Cycle? or at least know who manufactures it? Code 5207. its what he recommends when switching to magura levers.
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