Clutch Question

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Dec 27, 2005
Hey all i was wondering as i have a problem with my primary chain case leaking a lil would i just be able to use a chain lube or does the clutch need oil to operate properly as i thought it shouldnt as the belt drives dont use oil, pleas help?

Regards Julian
Hey Julian,
You may get varied answers on this one, but first up the clutch does not want any lube, oil and clutch equals drag & slip. However the chain does require a light lube oil, to thick and the chain could suffer. The chain lube grease idea would be best kept for emergency get you home tricks. Better to effect prevention rather than a bodge cure. Why does the primary case leak? If the correct 200cc of oil and the seal is in good nick all shold be well. Why not try orientating the seal rubber around half a turn on the case joint, as the bottom is really the only critical oil seal area.

HTH Richard
Thats wats got me buggered i dont know why it leaks i have repaired cracks around the nut that holds it on and put in a new seal so all should be well i will have to have a closer look for the time being the chain lube should do its job i will just keep an eye on it when i replace the primary chain i will fix the prob, thanks for the reply.
First, check that your outer cover is flat by placing it on a piece of glass. Lap it flat with valve grinding compound. Next check the alignment of the inner cover. Place the outer cover on with no gasket and snug up the central fixing nut. If this distorts the inner case, then add or remove shimming washers to the stud behind the inner case until the inner case does not move when this nut is tightened. Now check to see if the inner and outer case meet snugly all the way around. If not then you will either need to find another inner or try to lap this one until it mates smoothly. Sealing the primary case is one of the few areas I will use RTV silicone. A light bead inside the o-ring seal recess of the inner case, then push the rubber seal into the channel. Another light smear on the sealing face of the outer cover and nip up the central fixing bolt. This should give you a primary with no leaks. Use only enough light oil (I like ATF) to just touch the lower run of the primary chain.
ok thanks i do use the silicon but i will try shimming out the stud as that would be the reason it had cracked from being overtightned and warped the case, and will have a look at how it mates without the seal.

Thanks for the help.
note that Ron didn't say 200cc's of oil only that the chain was touching oil. The bottom of the chain only needs to touch oil. While you have the cover off you can make a service tool to mark the correct level. Simple as a piece of thick, stiff wire.norbsa
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