clutch question..

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Jul 18, 2005
.. why would this happen?

when i pull my clutch lever in, to doesnt really move the cable at all, and it doesnt disengage the clutch?

this is what ive done recently
_shortened the cable by about 4 inches and put new cable end on
_rgm belt drive kit (im thinking this is my problem)
As you have had the clutch assembly apart and cable disconnected it is possible if the pushrod was moved out of position that the clutch withdrawal lever (the part the lower end of the inner cable connects to) has dropped out of position, so may need the pushrod adjuster slackening off and the withdrawal lever moved back into place?
If that is what it is then you should be able to do this through the inspection cover?
I would concur with L.A.B.'s advice.

The operating arm usually does drop if the adjuster is removed.

The solution involves sticking your index finger through the gearbox inspection cap and sort of tickling the arm from underneath until it moves up with the indentation on the back sitting over the fixed roller.

You'll know immediately when you've got it in the right place.
thanks for the replies.. ill try to give it a good "tickling" tommorrow morning. hopefully shell chuckle and things will be sorted out
it sure did chuckle when i tickled it.. thanx for the help guys!

now my only problem is it wont start! ugh.. all day tommorrow to figure out why

strange that smoke come out of my carbs where the air filter is?
If she wants a smoke when all you've done is tickle her then I think she needs a good talking to :lol:

A chuff and pop with vapour through the carbs could be due to just not kicking through hard enough or ignition timing. You haven't got a Boyer and a flat battery have you ?

Presumably valve timing is all AOK ?
i do have a boyer.. fresh install too.. the battery is good though.

im thinking maybe doing the pilot jet cleaning thing. new blanking screw and all?
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