Clutch Problem

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Feb 25, 2007
Could anyone shed any light on my clutch problem?

The clutch cable appeared to streatched and I have had to move the cable adjuster to virtually fully out.

I removed the gearbox outer cover and found no broken parts or problems that I could see. The clutch operating lever is now slack and not tight as it should be.

I assume the problem is the the clutch operating ball (bearing) has either moved out of position or has gone flat on one side thus causing a prolem with engaging.

I would be grateful if someone could shed some light on this problem.
You haven't mentioned whether you have attempted to re-adjust the push rod adjuster screw or not? Have you done this? As that should take up the majority of slack in the lifter mechanism, leaving only a tiny amount of lifter lever movement.

If you have already done so, and it has made no difference, then the lifter mechanism (push rod adjuster/push rod/ball/ lifter/roller/sleeve/pivot bolt) needs to be removed and checked for wear.

Of course it could just be that the inner cable is stretching badly (or the cable outer is collapsing?)
Thanks for the reply.

I installed a new clutch cable and found that there wa no difference as the cables were the same size. So it was not a cable problem.

From your reply I have seemed to overlook the bleeding obvious.

I sort that out tomorrow - thanks for your advice.
The problem was easy!

the clutch centre nut loosened as it was a model with a spring washer on it.

I removed the clutch Diaphragm and replaced the spring washer with a 'tabbed' type, re-tightened the nut.

Problem solved - thanks for your comments.
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