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Hey Bill lots of good parts here and I know how much work bikes like this are. When every piece has to be fitted and modifyed and not one thing just bolts on most people never get beyond a pile of parts they start with a bang and get lost in the wheel offsets so I know by looking you don't give up easy. I have seen one fault in all the choppers built so far and it has caused some bad crashes. On any stock bike the rear fender is held on by at least ten bolts with all the brackets to frame connections. Some how your custom builers end up using 6 bolts for the whole rig. When this comes loose on the road it's a real hard thing. So use lots a bolts will you. norbsa
Hi Bill,

Looks like a fun project!! Brings back the good old days :roll:

When I was a Sr. in HS (70's ... ahem), Three of us had bikes. I had a Honda 305 Superhawk, my girlfriend had a Honda 175, and my friend had a chopped Commando. It was my first experience with one, and I thought it was the coolest bike around.

OK, that's enough down memory lane :lol:
norbsa the critical hardware back there is all grade 8 with nylocs. just about all the parts that are not drive train I have made or had made by some local people. at least it is NOT a chop in a box kit bike and I think the owner will have something to be proud of :D .

dana now dont give away your age :) . this bike was started in the 70's and has sat for 26 years. all that he had was a choped frame, motor.trans forks, and wheels that needed rebuilt.

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