Choke Lever

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Nov 23, 2008
Question on the choke lever. I have a set of 930 amals on the bike I have the choke lever in a position to pull the cable all the way. Is this the correct positon for it or should there be no tension on the cable when the choke is on? Seems confusing to me that the cable would be pulled all the way for the choke to be in the off position.Thanks
When the cable for the choke has tension you over come a small spring with a brass tube as a guide and pull the choke side out of the air pathway. When you release the cable the springs assert themselves letting the slides into the air pathway. They are mechanical on mark one Amal's.
Now on Mark two's you are switching to an enrichment circuit and that works the other way round. Not really chokes you see.
An easy way to remember is:

Tight wire - choke OFF

Slack wire - choke ON .
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