Checked and re-checked

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Oct 25, 2008
Hello all After going thru my 850 MK111 i've realized this bikes been maintained pretty good. Besides needing fork oil changed and a couple tires the rest has been checking out to be up to snuff. Pretty good for a 34 year old bike i still went thru and replaced whatever parts mostly electrical for my own piece of mind. I think transporting her 800 miles in the back of a pick-up truck took a toll lots loose bolts and nuts . I think now the only thing left is replace rear chain just to play it safe. M.C,
Holy smokes, if it's losing nuts and bolts in the back of a pick-up truck wait till you start riding it. I actually use blue loctite, (the easy to remove stuff), on all my fasteners just as a matter of habit and have never had anything fall off yet. (fingers crossed here)
check re-check

yep that reminds almost out of the loctite. Funny when i first got it i was out joy riding notice fuel leaking the float bowl was about ready to fall off.Its nice when you can cacth it before major damage is done. M.C.
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