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Sep 19, 2007
My chain is worn out real bad (some shackles have nearly 1/8" playing on the pins) Originally a "Renold" chain was supplied by the Norton factory. Is this the best bet to order or are there better alternatives around?

Should I also replace the rear sprocket? front sprocket? Same size is the best?

Thanks for any advice...


Calgary, Alberta
Hmmm... I'll bet this thread brings out some different opinions!

I'll thow out mine (then hide :lol: ) I have used 530 DID chain for years, no problem. Renold is good chain, but pricey. I replace sprockets when they show signs of wear. I find if the chains are kept properly adjusted, clean, and lubed, the spockets last quite a long time. A too loose or too tight chain can take out the sprocket (and chain) quite rapidly.

Gearbox sprocket is the only one available in different sizes. The size you use depends on your machine and how you ride. 19 tooth gives great acceleration, but buzzy at freeway speeds, 22 tooth gives easy freeway but signiifcant drop in acceleration. 20 and 21 are obviously other options. 23 and 24 tooth sprcockets require modification of chaincase to fit and are generally fit for racing only.

A 520 o-ring chain with cut down rear sprocket and Atlas front sprocket is probably a good modification, but I have yet to do it.
Tried lots of makes, Renold was the worst life, DID the best. Yes I did lube every week but obviously not enough. Converted to 520 "0" ring last winter with a basic DID chain and so far (1400 miles) have not adjusted.
The front can use a Dommie 1/4" and the rear is easily machined down to 0.240" width appx. I think it will be worth it but time will tell.....
If your current chain is that worn then your sprockets are worn as well. I realize they are expensive but if you don't replace you'll take out your new chain quickly.

I went with Renolds on mine but then I don't put a lot of miles on it and it will last me a life time.
I did the 520 conversion on mine at the rebuild of the bike from rusty junk. It now has 17,000 miles on it with only a couple of adjustments. I feel it is one of the better upgrades and and more so if you ride it a lot. I have done a couple of 650 mile day's and 200 is quite common on weekends.

I purchased TK chain, a make I’d never heard of before from Ipswich motorcycle accessories shortly after I purchased my bike several years ago.
The original chain although not worn out had a very tight spot in it which made correct adjustment of the chain very difficult.
I’m a great believer in good chain maintenance and once a year while I’m giving the bike a major service I remove the chain (using the old chain to run it on and off the sprockets) wash it in petrol and after allowing it to dry I “cook” it in a can of Duckhams chain grease that I’ve had for years.
Yes I know it’s much slower having a can of grease heating slowly over a paraffin stove than it is to squirt it with an aerosol of chain lube but I’m convinced that chains last much longer because the grease penetration is so much more even.
After that every time I clean the bike I give the chain a quick rub over with an old cloth soaked in clean engine oil.
The chain has done over twelve thousand miles now and according to my log I’ve only adjusted it twice in all that time and there aren’t any really noticeable tight spots in the chain at all.
I’m hoping that I’ll get at least twenty four thousand miles out of this chain if I carry on with this maintenance regime.
That’s my ten cents worth anyway
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