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Jun 14, 2003
Has anyone experienced excessive, premature wear on a MK III center stand?

My stand is badly worn at the right-hand pivot bolthole. I set the bike on its center stand whenever I kick start it, but I use the side stand for parking. Perhaps kick starting the bike on the center stand caused the excessive premature wear? Or, perhaps engine vibration may have been a contributing factor? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Also, does anyone know of a bushing kit available for repairing the now oversized pivot hole? Presumably the bushing would be replaceable and be made from a relatively soft material like brass so that it would wear instead of the center stand.

They do that. Sometimes they get worn so much that the rear wheel doesn't even get lifted off the ground. I'd guess that starting on the stand hastened the wear somewhat.

New stands are available or you could have someone weld up the hole and remachine it. However you may find the mounting holes in the cradle have worn too. That's obviously more difficult to deal with.

Have you considered getting the estart working? Then starting would just be a matter of pressing the magic button :!: That's what I do with Chugley when he gets in a snit. Pretty nice having that as an alternative...

Jason the tech digest has a fix that uses sealed ball bearings. I have done it to a brand new center stand. No wear no matter what. The only down side is the ease of movment will let it drag in left hander with bumps. norbsa
Thank you for the suggestions Debby and Norbsa.

So, how do you attach the ball bearing assembly the center stand? Do you drill a hole in each side of the center stand and then press the bearings in each side?

Perhaps it's time I buy a copy of the Tech Digest.

Thanks again,

Best 20.00 bucks you will ever spend. Yes Jason you set it up in a bridport or any vertical mill and drill than bore for a size on size press fit. one side at a time. Buy the digest and learn many Norton tricks. norbsa
I agree, best $20 you can spend on your bike. Hmm, I should do this too. I have a new 850 centerstand waiting to go on my bike. Want to replace the flimsy one before it breaks on me. This would be a good time to do the bearing job. But it's a PITA finding a machinist around here. Ditto for sourcing bearings. A day off work and a lot of driving through Denver traffic. Ugh. I suppose it would be worth the effort though.

I would have thought that all the Norton tech tips that have ever been published have, by now, made their way across this forum. Evidently this is not so.

I’ve forgotten who’s selling the Norton Tech digest. Will someone please enlighten me?

Thank you,

The link to the merchandise isn't real obvious. Enter the site and click on "Bracebridge St. Depot" on the left. They have various other goodies for sale too. I bought a Norton keyfob from them also. Made in England, how can you go wrong? :)


I took mine off.

Depending on how you ride, if the stand is loose, it can dig in on left handers and lift the wheels off the ground. Usually has to bounce down and get caught.

I was behind Tom and saw this happen when his bike went from under him. We were moving quick though.

See this post.

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I was going to make a little security latch to hold it in the up position, but never got that done since the bike is better without the stand.

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I've never had a problem with the center stand digging in, but have lifted the rear wheel while pivoting on the left foot rest. Removing the center stand makes it pretty hard to fix a flat tire.
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