camshaft bearing conversion

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Jul 17, 2005
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Looking at an old catalog, I saw needle bearing conversion for the cam bushings on a Commando. The timing side case was bored to hold an aluminum(?) housing that held the needle bearing, and the drive side case was bored to hold the needle bearing. This set up also allowed for cam changes without spliting the cases. Did this set up work?
The needle bearing cam conversion was originally marketed by Norris cams which was bought by Megacycle. They still make the kit ($66). I believe the advantage was simply the ability to change cams without splitting the cases. If memory serves me correctly it was one of the dirt track racers (Ron Wood?) who designed it and Norris sold it.

Did it work? Yeah! Is it something you need? Probably only if you race and want to change cams with the engine in the bike.
I've been running this cam bearing for about 20,000 miles. No problems with it.
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