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Jul 18, 2005
Please pardon my simplistic question, I'm mechanically inept and new to Nortons.

Are the two Y throttle and choke cable connections under the tank simply a 2 into one connection or are they a means of cable adjustment as well? When I receive all the parts I'm going to be reasembling my carbs as per my other carb tuning thread and I'm wondering if I will have to alter these fitting in any way. Thanks.

I haven't run a choke in so long I've forgotten how it was hooked up!

But, I think it's a simple "wye" connector, just like the throttle cable. Adjustments are made at the carburetor, not the wye connector.

So, the answer is: the wye fittings are simple two-into-one contraptions that will not have to be altered.


As usual, thanks Jason. I was sure someone would ask "if you're mechanically inept, why would you buy a Norton" . I'm wondering myself now.

None of us was born with a wrench in the hand...just like the re-learning the will pick it up over time. Mechanical principals are actually simple. The old saying that if A moves B and B moves C, then A moves C is a heck of a lot simpler than electronics or computer programming for example.
Not all of us has a reason or interest to learn computer programming....but all of us has a reason to learn how to wrench a Norton into shape. Now you too have a reason...and when the reason, is sitting under you....with your right foot taking it up through the gears....the mechanics of her will just fall into place. Stuff will start to make sense. You will be able to look at something on her and be able to figure how it works.

Like Jerry Garcia said..."we will survive". :wink:
the whole of life is a learning process in my humble opinion, this forum is a great palce to learn about nortons & life !

This is a forum for any questions about nortons in general.
We are all lucky to have it at our disposal :D.

Enjoy riding a norton, owning & riding nortons opens many doors.
Feliz, I feel the Amal choke is more trouble than useful. Since it only works in the fully closed position, all it is doing is closing off the very bottom of the slide cutaway. The tickler is an enrichening device that works quite well for me. Almost every long time Brit Bike rider I know takes them out. The local wrench around here actually tightens it so tight no one can turn it. The reason for this is because it can be bumped while riding, partially closing it and affecting performance. The only reason I can think to leave them is for authenticity.

With them removed, slides will work better and there will be less clutter under the tank. Regarding the cable opening, you can put a dab of silicone in the ferrel, or it can be removed and and a proper cap screw sourced and installed. This is a special screw with a special thread.

P/S If you own this Norton very long, you WILL become mechanically ept.
choke and throttle cables


There is no adjustment in the black plastic cable junction box. Slack in each cable housing is adjusted at the carburetor top on the lower cables and the adjuster on the upper cable.

Each engine can be different with regard to needing the choke or not. All my previous Commandos didn't need the choke, but my current '72 combat needs both choke and tickler to fire up first kick.
I do not reply much these days on the forum as there are plenty of contributors that do.

But in this case I would like to say that leaving your choke slide in may possibly help save the slide from wearing out as quicly as they can do.
That is only a theory I have & it may be wrong.

On the subject of carbys, is anyone out there running a single amal on an 850 at all ?
If there are, what size jetting are you using ?
With an interstate tank on your bike, I believe you can get around 600 klms on a tank if ridden carefully on a long trip.
Are there any opinions on running single amals at all ?
single carb.

G'day "nortonfan", I run an 850 Commando with a single 32mm carb. the main jet is 260, needle jet 106, the needle is a special I believe, I got it from Norvil in the UK, it is marked U1, clip position is bottom groove, slide is standard 3 1/2 cut - away. motor runs well, pulls like a train, no choke required, sure beats messing around with twin carb. set up, I don't like Mikuni carbs., had them on other bikes, Norton and Triumph, too many variables i. e. jets / needles. Ride safe, good luck. James
Just one more little box BS associated with running a choke.. is ~ as I recently found out ~ much to my utter horror ~ they do break!

I spent days overhauling the carbs, (Amal 632 ~ :lol: ironic.. my type hands kept typing Anal then ~ ooohhh!)

When I finally remounted them and set them up ~ balanced etc, I opened and closed the choke.. to my bloody hoorrrorr ~ there was a snap clunk in each carb and the lever went slack.

So in a methodical way I removed the tank , and removed the unit and repaired the master cable and refitted all and sundry ~

After runnign the bike up and base tuning.. I began to clear up .. suddenly without any prompting . "Clunk" the bloody thing snapped again..
Start again ~ for the last time ~
I now no longer use the chokes .. :evil:
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