Buy British Now $1.47

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Dec 18, 2004
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In case you have not noticed, the pound is now only $1.47. If you need parts for your Norton, buy British. You will save a good bit of change even with shipping. I just saved $30 on some fuel petcocks.
And I'm sure your local Norton guy appreciates the business!

Unfortunately for USA dealers, they're now all stocked up with expensive parts purchased when the exchange rate was bad. That might hurt their sales for a while.

Of course with the shipping rates from England, you have to place a large order to realize any savings.

Customs duties too, on parts from overseas. But yes, they can still be bargains....
Yep, I feel bad for the distributors that loaded up on parts last year, I'm guessing some of them are going to have a tough winter.

It's not like we're making a ton of money on these old bikes as it is!
On the transmission I rebuilt a while ago there was a ton of savings by ordering from England. Although I did buy a complete set of gears and a mainshaft with all the bushings and seals, And that was before the exchange rate changed. But the bigger the order the better the savings. Chuck.
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