Building a better Commando

Jun 30, 2012
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Is the 961 motor now made in China, and is it unit construction or separate gearbox ? I have just been pondering the possibility of building a retro with a Seeley frame, and a Chinese motor.
I think there has been two motorcycles worth building - the Gus Kuhn Seeley Commando 750 and the Seeley Condor 500. I cannot think of a way to get a motor similar to a G50 Matchless, but the Commando might be possible. My interest is always more about road racing and I think that in the future retros might become the go and replace the use of historic bikes in certain race classes. To my mind, historic racing is too destructive - it attracts road bikes which should properly be restored and loved.
There is a Paul Smart Ducati retro which would be worth racing but probably never will be. My feeling is that a very pleasant passtime is going to die out unless people start thinking very differently. If I owned a genuine 500cc Manx Norton, I would never race it - they are too valuable for that type of stupidity.
it’s a unit engine, and there is one on ebay uk for £3995 that is not selling if you fancy it. Good Replica G50 engines are available too.