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How difficult, if possible, is it to convert a pre disk brake Commando to a more modern disk and caliper? Does anyone have any experience converting a drum brake model to something like and AP or Brembo front disk setup? Preferably a twin disk setup. After all, the bike is not exactly a feather weight. :?:
you need a twin disc like you need another hole in the head.... one 10 inch disc with a 13mm brembo master and a lockheed or grimica caliper
( plus adapter)and it will almost do stoppies. you will need a newer fork slider and a newer front hub and axle..... other than that its a piece of cake. I have a Norvil disc,lockheed racing caliper and brembo set up on my 70 commando.. its just bolt on replacement...
I have some other info for you, if you do this, use a commando front hub and axel from a disc braked commando. while you are at it lace it to an alloy rim with stainless spokes and nippeles. you can use a stock disc, or a larger after market one (see Norvil or Brit spares new zeeland) you can use a stock right Norton slider with an adapter to suit either the stock disc or the larger one, again both Norvil and Brit spares sell the proper adapters. OR use a Norvil slider that is cast for the Lockheed racing caliper. whatever you do toss the stock Lockheed caliper in your junk pile, or polish it and use it for a paper weight. ( it LOOKS cool) you can use a Lockheed racing caliper, or a grimica caliper from the same sources. I cant recomend "vintage brake" highly enough for the master (13mm Brembo with micro switch for brake light) cylinder.
have a stainless line made up to your specs, a hot rod shop should be able to help. now that you have real brakes, you will notice that the forks are rather spindily, get a Hyde fork brace to fix that. ... dparts.htm
these sites should keep you busy
Break help

Thanks for the help. That will definitely be step one in the restoration plan. I have a riding history from the early '90s to now on modern sport bikes. I just recently rode a friends commando 750. I was hooked after the first kick. I went straight out and bought a '71 commando to do a restore/rebuild. The brakes were a bit of a shocker on the test run but I figured I was doing a rebuild anyway. I use the word 'brakes' here only because I assume that they had every intention of stopping the bike. It was quite a difference from what I am used to. To be fair, I will give the system a once over before I replace it.
If you want a front brake that squeals the tyre at 90+ with two finger operation,then i can reccommend the close grained,cast iron,12" floating disc conversion offered by RGM in Cumbria,UK.
I,ve been running this brake for a number of years and now wear out my front tyres quicker than the back ones.I use a Grimeca master cylinder and caliper and braided hose.

RGM motors are at

i honestly think this brake cannot be beaten on a Norton.
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