Boyer, Rita or Points Ignition ?

Which is best, Boyer igniton, Rita ignition or Points ?

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  • I don't care, I don't tune my Norton, I pay someone else

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Dec 24, 2003
I have read a lot of bad comments RE: Boyer Ignition System so maybe the different users would like to have their say in a poll.

If you think Boyer is best, vote for boyer.

If you think Rita is best, vote for Rita.

Maybe you are very happy with the good old fashioned Points System.

You do meet people that own Nortons & wouldn't know what they had.
I have both RITA and Boyer on my bikes. Since RITA is no longer available, it makes Boyer my choice by default. Both are light years ahead of point systems. RITA is better than Boyer for e-starts and hi-performance motors (my cafe racer), but Boyers have served on my Roadster and Interstate for over 20 years with no problems.

The auto advance mechanism with point systems will hang up as they wear notches in the weight slots. And they do it fairly rapidly. A new AA costs as much or more than a Boyer. For me it's a no brainer.
Had to cast my vote for Points although I've never owned a bike with either a Boyer or a Rita so perhaps I'm not much of an expert on this. Points are ok if you don't put a lot of miles on your bike. The adjustments are kind of a pain...

DON'T ASK .........

Can anyone fix the poll questions for me ?

Jerry please help or a moderator maybe ?
What happened to the points versus electronic ignition poll that was started a year or so ago? It would be interesting to see the final results of that old survey.



If you click search, up above & type in points, you may find your answer.

For anyone looking for rita ignition, have a look here. ... eName=WDVW

As the seller will only ship to USA, I will happily buy one complete unit to suit a 71 on commando if anyone happens to want them bad enough to buy the lot offered.
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