Boyer or Lucas Rita Ignition with boyer podtronics

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Jerry Doe

May 21, 2003
Hi All,

I was wondering if any of you have run boyer podronics system with Lucas Rita ignition? If so how did it work out. I am thinking about using this setup instead of boyer ingnition with the boyer podtronic.

I will have a small battery and single phase alternator.


Jerry Doe said:
I was wondering if any of you have run boyer podronics system with Lucas Rita ignition?

"boyer podtronic"?
The Boyer (Power Box) and Podtronic VCUs are two different units, but whichever you choose I don't see any real problem as a Rita unit shouldn't need to be used with a directly compatible regulator unit, if the VCU unit does what it was designed to do (rectify and regulate) then there shouldn't be any problem running the Rita.

The Rita ignition units are no longer available and are really 'old technology' (so is the Boyer Micro MkIII) so a more up to date system like the Pazon, Sparx or the new Tri-Spark (twin type) systems would be a far better option now I would think?
Power box

Thats what I meant powerbox.

Do you know where I can read about the other ignition systems?

Please expand on what you mean by the RITA and Boyer being "old technology" compared to Sparx, Pazon, and Tri-Spark? I am not an electronics expert, but do understand diodes, resistors, etc. What advances were made?

It is interesting to note that Dave Comeau, who has done some extensive testing and examination, found some defininte advantages to the RITA over the Boyer. See However, he has not tested the others you mention.

I suspected the Sparx and Pazon were clones of the Boyer, but would be interested in the differences.

Even with their shortcomings, all these units are a step up from the mechanical advance systems in my opinion.
Maybe more clearly put as long dwell and short dwell coils. With rev limiters and optional curve programs.
Ron L said:
Please expand on what you mean by the RITA and Boyer being "old technology" compared to Sparx, Pazon, and Tri-Spark? I am not an electronics expert, but do understand diodes, resistors, etc. What advances were made?

I'm sure that to make any direct comparison between the different systems readily available at present (as there are both analog[ue] and digital types to consider) and this would be worthy of an article needing considerable research.

I have kept up to date with the Dave Comeau info pages, it is fairly well known that at one point he was considering taking up the manufacture of the Rita system, yet this never materialised, -possibly he was aware there would be some direct competition just over the horizon?
It would be interesting to know how these older systems directly compare with the likes of the newer Pazon, Sparx and Tri-Spark units.

These modern systems (Pazon/Tri-Spark at least -don't know about Sparx) have been developed with the intention of correcting some of the shortcomings of the Boyer (and to some extent Rita) units like sensitivity to low voltage etc., and these newer units (as has been said) can have other features like idle stabilisation programmable advance and rev limiting built in.

The advance curve would (I hope?) be an improvement (even for the analogue types). I have followed the development of the Tri-Spark unit (on the TOL website) this unit was developed to improve on the performance of what was available (Boyer/Rita) for the Triumph/BSA Triples, one shortcoming being the fact that both types use a wasted spark system with all the known coil issues and associated problems of bad starting and running especially when the electric starter is used (Volt drop) on the T160 etc. the Tri-Spark unit does not use the wasted spark system so appears to function better as a result, everyone who has fitted one and commented on it have said that there was a definite improvement, in some cases it has transformed the running of the machine. And now these Tri-Spark units are also available for twins.

When I changed a (fully functioning-but old) Boyer analogue MkIII unit (that I had fitted myself many years earlier) for a Boyer Micro-Digital unit on one of my bikes (BMW) a few years ago, there was a noticeable all-round improvement in running, so that just goes to show what a few years technology can do, although I still have both the Boyer analogue MkIII and Rita units fitted to bikes I own, but would be more likely to fit either a Pazon or Tri-Spark than another Boyer or Rita (if I could get one) in future, in fact the Tri-Spark is on the shopping list for my Trident!
Although to be fair to the Boyer Bransden units in over twenty years of use over many miles I've never had a box fail, just the normal soldered wire joint fracture problem on the stator plate occurred once (on Commando).
I want to put one of the Pazon ignitions on my 850. No ignition came with the bike so I have to buy something. The Pazon digital unit has an input for a dirt bike-style grounding kill button, which I think is a very nice feature.

I'm also in the market for a regulator/rectifier. I want a PODtronics - with a name like that how could I not want one? :lol:

72 750 Roadster
74 850 project bike
debby said:
I want a PODtronics - with a name like that how could I not want one?


That must have some meaning over on your side of the pond that it doesn't have here! (UK).....Would you (or anybody) care to elucidate for a (at least one) puzzled Brit? (Nothing to do with iPod is it?).
Pazon Ignition for Norton Commando

Hi All,

Pazon ignitions seem to be out of stock on their website and other places I tried.

This is the ignition system I want, but cannot find.

Does anyone know some where else I could purchase one?


digital or analog

I have located them in Florida.

So now digital or analog? Both run well at low volts [9 volts min, boyer is about 11 volts]. I think I am going with the digital.

I am curious to know users experiences if any or to get advice. So far digital for sure!

Thanks for helping me decide!

Sounds like a good choice, Jerry.

I think I'll go with the analog model. It's a better fit with my budget (if there is such a thing on a Norton restoration!).


I see that MAP is the distributor for these. Are they selling them direct or through dealers? They seem to be somewhat hard to find. I'd like to get one to test side-by-side with Boyer and RITA.

Hi Ron

I have ordered the analog Pazon ignition from MAP and they are distributers. I am going to start wiring on the weekend. I am excited to get to this stage and get it running soon!
Re: Hi Ron

Jerry Doe said:
I have ordered the analog Pazon ignition from MAP

Me too! :D

British Cycle Supply in Canada also has them in stock. For those north of the border they might be a good option. For me that means international calling rates, credit card surcharges, and higher cost. They do have a US warehouse but you still have to call in to the Canadian office to order.

Jerry and Debby. I am sure you will like the Pazon analogue unit. I fitted one to my 850 about 600 miles ago and have noticed the following. Easier starting both cold and hot. Much steadier idle. Stronger engine pulling at all engine speeds. A different more positive tone in the sound of the exhaust, presumably due to all the sparks arriving on time, every time.
I mounted the control box under the small horizontal frame tube, near the front headstock just above the coils. Installation is straightforward. You will probably need to reset the carbs. Regards. Ian
Trying to buy the short dwell coil version Pazon from Map is like pulling teeth. He doesn't seem to believe in them even for a MK111 . I had to email order the system right off Pazon's web site. Both systems are good down to a low seven volts but the low dwell uses about half the amps as the analog version on average. Run an LED tail light with this set up and a glass mat battery with a Dyno Dave starter and cables. This is about as god as it gets just like a modern bike. About a 1000.00 dollars all told though.
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