Big Battery 16CLB and Boyer Kick Back

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Dec 18, 2004
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I just had to replace my battery today. I noticed the thing trying to knock me on my arse while kicking her to life. It happened about 5-6 times and I got the message. I have read in the forums about this condition with a Boyer and low battery. My old battery went for just over 5yrs so I have no complaints. I thought I would mention that at least the earlier Norton Commandos ( mine is a 1971) will accept a larger battery. I do not ride at night or have electric start but I figured hey more is better. I don't see the amp hours on this battery but it is much greater than the little popper they call for. The last one served me well so I repeated it 16CLB. Get one for more zippidy doo da.

They do get a bit cranky with low voltage don't they? This is my first Boyer and the folks here warned me. If I let it sit a few weeks and get the voltage low it informs you.
Not open for further replies.