Belt drive

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Jul 3, 2006
Hi guys, another post on the possibility of a Norton Commando final belt drive. I have priced the components here in Australia and believe the distributor is trying to rip people off with his pricing. Over $1200.00 AUD for 2 sprockets? $400.00 AUD for a belt? Plus Goods and Services Tax and P&H? Only 5% discount for orders of 10+ of each component? I think not, greedy bastards!

I have tried emailing several retail distributors in the US to see if they'll send me the parts direct but as yet have had no response. Their SPAM filters may be dumping my emails straight away or they are too busy with domestic customers to be concerned with international ones? Maybe someone in the states can help me. Could a forum member from the US can contact myself at email address:

I can give the manufacturer's part numbers etc and maybe this problem can be solved easily. Please will someone help. When you see this system I am sure you will be nothing but impressed. This manufacturer's patented synchronous belt power transmission system is fairly new (at least here in Australia) and solves a lot of the problems associated with trying to put final belt drive on British bikes(e.g width).

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