Belt drive

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Jun 6, 2003
I am currently working on my last Norton based bike, a Matchless G15CS with Atlas engine... After looking inside of the primary(with the stator inside the cover!!), I am aliitle afraid of teh single row primary chain. Being happy with a belt on my Commando, I was wondering if a belt does exist for this hybrid bike?
A belt drive would be wider than your chain and would not fit in your stock chaincase. With the Norton/Matchless hybrids this leaves the question of what to do with the alternator stator. I know belt drives exist for the Atlas, most using a Commando clutch, and these would work for your application if you can find a short enough belt. The hybrids have the transmission tilted and tucked up closer to the engine than the Atlas and Commando.
That stator in the outer chain case is a little scary, isn't it! There is no good way to check rotor to stator clearance and if the outer cover comes loose, your alternator is toast. A buddy of mine told me about looking down at his primary on his P11 at 60 mph to see clouds of smoke!
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