ATTN: MichaelB ... VR880 question

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Jul 18, 2005
Hey man,

Was wondering on that VR880 that I hope you still own if you could answer a question for me. Or anyone else who would know.

Ive tried contacting kenny thru the nortonmotorcycles email but he has not gotten back to me. I know on your bike he used the stock roadholder forks and not the aftermarket forks on some of the later 880's, but I was wondering if you knew what kind of hub/wheel he used? I know he used the fender mounts as caliper bracket mounts, but i cant figure out what kind of hub/wheel he used.

Thanx in advance!
Driggs, You are correct. They are stock roadholders with the lowers turned and polished like CNW does. They have also been modified with Honda F4 cartridge internals.

The wheel is a shouldered Excel, the Hub, I don't know. It's pretty though.

ATTN: MichaelB ... VR880 question

ATTN: MichaelB ... VR880 question

Michael at Vintage Brake told me Kosman Engineering developed the system for Kenny.
You may try contacting either one.

I'll check to see if the hub has any markings on it.
thanx so much! ill try vintage brake and maybe kosman.

the bike looks great too.. im definatly going kenny's vr880 route just with some more twists. minimalism is my theme. very very similar to how CNW had that cafe commando with the red frame that looked like it wasnt finished cause you couldnt any electronics, wiring, oil tank, battery etc. except im going more of a stock look vs all out cafe.

if you or anyone has a contact for kenny too other than the nortonmotorcycles website email, i would appreciate it

Driggs said:
the bike looks great too..

except for that big hole in the crankcase! :shock:

(sorry, Mike! I guess you decided not to sell it after all?)

Yep, haven't done a thing with it.
I've given it a timeout over in the corner with a sheet on it.

If someone were to make me a 'Godfather' offer (you know, an offer I can't refuse) I'd sell it.

Once I start wrenching on it, I'll keep it.
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