Another newbie question!

Nov 23, 2004
Is there any way to set the float height on the Amal 930 carbs? I looked through the service manual and I can't find any adjustment procedure. The right carb is over flowing, I installed a new needle and float, but it still over flows? I have taken it apart 6-7 times with no success. With the float bowl removed it seems to work ok, but when I put it together the fuel runs out of the carb. Any Ideas?
Thank's John
Thank's L.A.B,
Once again I'm used to Mikunis, and Kehins which have a brass float tab you can bend. I will give it a shot! Also the right side card is missing the "Tickler plunger" I think! the guy I bought it from said it ran great when parked and was never touched until I purchased it. The right card does not have it, there is just a hole there where I think it should be. Can I just plug the hole temporarily until I can get one if needed? and what is the purpose of the tickler if there is already a choke?