850 transmission rebuild problem???

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Mar 1, 2007
I re assembled the transmission on my 850 commando today. I tore it down to check its condition. It has only 2000 miles on it but I figured I better crack her open and replace the seals and o rings. The tranny looked beautiful with no problems found. Upon careful re assemble I cannot get it to shift up into first gear. It has neutral second third and fourth but will not click up into first?? When I set the pointer to neutral and go thru the gears to fourth the pointer is past the number 4 once it is shifted into fourth??? I followed instructions using two manuals and ther NTNOA Tech digest. Any suggestions before I tear it back down anmd try again. Are both shifting forks the same on this transmission>>> I could not tell ANY difference between the two?? ??? Thanks
I wouldn't worry about the pointer, but not being able to select first gear sounds like you may have mistimed the quadrant. If you're off one tooth the quadrant arm will hit the end of the window in the inner cover and you will be unable to obtain either first or fourth, depending on which way you're off. You could pop the outer cover off and check that.

Yes, both forks are the same so no need to worry about mixing them up.

Thanks Debby. I will pop the cover tomorrow

Sounds like you have the problem nailed. I will have to order a couple more gaskets to reset the travel properly after pulling the inner cover. Thanks again--You Gals---- and Guys are the best. Thanks---Mark In Fort Worth Texas
Problem solved

Thanks Debby--I pulled the cover and moved it a notch and it is working like a charm--Thanks for the help---Mark In Texas
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