850 Cylinder resleeve

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Feb 27, 2008
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Wonder if anyone out there has resleeved their 850 engine cylinder. Technical questions: When resleeving the cylinder is the cylinder bored the entire length of the cylinder thereby eliminating the tapered flange below the cylinder base or is the bore for the sleeve cut to the top of the "notches" in the flange? What type of success have you had with sleeving? What type of sleeve would you recommend? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
I've had it done on a 750. The cylinders are bored right through and then the inner taper underneath is re-ground and the con-rod clearance slots are re-cut. If it's done tidily, you should just see the slightest trace on top and bottom faces to show where the liner is.
Thanks 79X100!!! Is there a particular shop that you used to have the work done that you would recommend?
One of the guys in our Branch just bought a re imported 850, Barrels were goosed so he bought liners from RGM & got them pressed in at a local shop, no dramas and bike now back on the road and going well. :)
Thanks Gino for your reply! My problem is that I'm using an engine shop that does this all the time for race cars and harleys but have never done a norton cylinder. The concern is the flange at the botton of the cylinder and it's taper. The notching is of little concern and is easily done (so they say). The problem seems to be that when the cylinder is bored to accept the sleeve it'll remove part of the flange altogether at the bottom. 79X100 says that is acceptable. I wonder if this is the standard procedure for this cylinder.
Sorry just seen your post Mike as I havn't been on the forum for a month or so.

I've just had my 850 barrel resleeved and the sleeves don't completely remove any part of the bottom flanges. Could it be that the sleeves you are thinking of using are to thick???

The sleeve thickness I have had inserted are 1.42mm (0.055") after honing and the remaining flange thickness of the original barrel (in the thin side wall areas) varies from a maximum of 1.59mm (0.062") to a minimum of 0.83mm (0.032")

79 x 100 is correct that the bottom of the sleeves are chamfered to the original tapers and the conrod cutouts have to be redone.

Don't know if this is any help but I can take some close up photos of the barrel sleeves tomorrow night and put a link to them if you havn't had the sleeving done yet.
Hi Mike,
I truly appreciate your reply and the information that you provided certainly gives us more insight as to what we need to do. Your photos would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Those are some mighty thin casting walls, but just proves the strength of the castings.
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