'72 roadster seat restoration

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Dec 30, 2003
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Six years ago when I restored my combat roadster I used a seat cover kit from England and the original foam. Since the Commando hadn't been used for 20 years I thought the foam was probably ok. It gets a little hard after about an hour and I'm thinking about replacing the foam now. Does anyone have good luck with some supplier's aftermarket foam? I tried Leighton in England for my '61 ES2, but it was a bit over stuffed and didn't look quite right. I was told Leighton was the best available.

I'm not really happy with the aftermarket cover either and plan to use the seat top from the original cover that's in very good condition then add the side pieces in new nagahyde.

The other option is buy a Corbin gunfighter. I'd like to hear opinions on that as well.

I am told that these guys will work with you to create a seat that is just right. I have seen thier work and the gel pack can transform the bike without changing the look. I run the Fastback seats and like them a lot but if I was running a Roadster this is the way to go. http://www.saddlemen.com/customsaddles.html norbsa

Ordered seat foam with gel insert for my '74 Interstate. Very pleased with the product, although their communication skills leave a bit to be desired. Could not detect any difference in the form from my original. Re-covered with a Norvil cover professionally installed (local upholstery shop...they used a few pop rivets to keep it tight). Beautiful original look.

Hope this helps.

Gene USA
I have a Corbin on my 750 Roadster and like it a lot. The lines of the seat flow well with a Roadster tank. It feels hard at first, but is wide and gives better support, so less butt fatigue. It puts the riding position further rearward, where I usually rode with the stock seat anyway. You lose the two up capability, but I always found that uncomfortable on a Roadster. Much better on an Interstate.
A friend sent his Interstate seat to Sargent and after a discussion on his size, riding style, etc. they rebuilt his seat to suit. He's very happy. They also rebuilt a friend's 620 KTM seat when he converted it from an enduro to a street/Supermoto ride. He's also very happy.
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