72 Commando Rebuild

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I'm curious about the bronze small end rod bushes. Did you add these? Why? Are you running a different piston/pin combination? I've seen these on Triumphs, but never on a Norton before. Inquiring minds want to know.
Well as for the small end bushes, I didnt add these this bike has been in my family for 20 or so years. When my dad picked it up around 75 the previous owner had no idea and he had put the pistons in around the wrong way and the isolastics were up the shit. My dad rebuilt the whole thing and then added new clutch plates. He took off quickly and snapped the mainshaft in the gearbox so from then till now the bike has been sitting in pieces.


RE: Bushes

I can't remeber why this was done but I think that someone may have reccomended it, not sure.

I don't know for sure but it seems a feasable explanation. What is your opinion?

Hey all just got the tank and sidecovers back from painting i will put some photos on the burnoutworld.com website tomorrow when i have the bits back on the bike and stickers on please tell me what you think the direct link is in the first post of this topic.
Black & Gold,
Seen the photo's and I am very impressed, it looks great and ready to get out on the road and ride. I'm rebuilding a 74 model in Sydney, but not so far advanced. Work stopped today, 44C inside the shed and more outside.

Cheers Richard
thanks mate yeah we have had a few days like that with it gettin to 47 in the shade and who knows in the old tin shed so polishing stopped for a while but all is good i only know need a horn and hook the front brake light switch up and she will be ready for rego.
Congrats on a first class restoration.I am in the process of rebuilding a '73 Roadster[Oct 72 build] in tandem with my mate Richard who is rebuilding his 74 850. I was at first puzzled by the black cylinder barrells rather than silver, then my old eyes picked up the engine no 204###which I note is a combat motor and hence the correct black colour. Did you need to "superblend" the bottom end ? :)
Thanks on the comments mate um i dunno what superblend is i just used a 150 celsius heat proof paint wich i got from my local auto shop the bike looks good all i need to do is to get it running properly i just cant seem to get the RH cylinder firing consistently but ohwell i will work it out soon enough.
well hear is the story my dad has owned it since 1975 when he rebuilt it in 76 after the previous owner had no idea so it was rebuilt then having the bottom end done and a reco head and such he later on replaced the clutch took her for a rip and snapped the main shaft in the G/B wich in turn ruind a few gears and a case he got a replacement case but was not machined right out of factory thats were i come in about 20 years later when i was doing an enginerring course at school and decided it was time for the old girl to be on the road again fixed the case tried to kick her over no luck it had been ceased up pulled it apart but left the bottom end as it was fine so that stayed as it was as it had only just been rebuilt before breaking the G/B got the cylinders resleeved back to original size and got new pistons and rings and new valves guides collars and collets and just added a few other things in between like the new paint new front shockers and gave her a polish so about the bearings im pretty sure that they are the roller type but not positive as i wasnt around when it was done as im only 16. so thats the story on the bike.
Just an update on the bike i have everything done and is ready for a roadworthy wich will be done in the next few days cant wait till we can get her out on the road and give her a real test.
well i got my unregistered vehicle permit and took her for a run it didnt select top i fiddle with the pawl spring and went for another ride i got top but it wont shift down anis stuck in 4th but i am able to push it around freely so its gonna be a while before its registered now oh well it will give me something to do.
It is all done and registered just a few little things to sort out to get it opperating at its full potential. I would Just like to thank everyone on this forum who has helped me out on sorting out all the problems i had with the bike and if i hadnt found this forum i dont know wat i would have done so thanks again everyone.
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