3S cam, good or bad?

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Apr 15, 2004
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I pulled the barrel on the rebuilt motor I recently purchased and had a look at the cam. It's stamped 3S. I assume that means it's a 3S cam?

Can anyone offer some thoughts about this cam? I haven't found much online, just this somewhat discouraging note in the Tech Digest:

"Not many 3S cams were produced and apparently it wasn't all that successful anyway."

Hoping for good news,
The 3S cam was supposedly developed as a racing profile by Peter Williams. This grind is still available, so someone likes 'em. Try it, you may like it. :)
Hi Debby,

I have a friend that has been running a 3S in his '69 for years. Seems to work just fine. And he R-I-D-E-S this thing... if you know what I mean.

Hard to say what is meant by "not that successful", probably it didn't sell that well? Doubtful that it would cause engine problems as there are more radical cams available.

The big jump in cam lift is between a standard cam and a 2S. Since the 4S was offerred as well, most people probably skipped right over the 3S and went straight to the 4S.

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On brit-iron.com, there is an interesting post under 'MAP aluminum rods'.
It goes on explain the Axtell #3 is the same as the PW#3. Does anyone know if this is true and is the 3S the same as these?

Check that, it's BritIron.com/
Look here for information regarding this cam:
Also if you have a copy of the Service release notes from the factory, look at service Release number N3/13 (May 1972). If you don't have it PM or e-mail me offline and I'll send you a copy.
The original 3S was a NVPS (Norton Villiers Production? Special) race cam.
Steve J.
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