1. laurentdom

    Maney's alloy cylinders

    Hi All, As far as I know, Steve ceased his business some time ago and Minnovation (who took over some of his stock appearently) cannot provide that. Has anyone a clue of where I could find a pair of 750 cc alloy barrels in good condition (new or used)? Many thanks, Laurent
  2. cliffa

    Journey into the unknown..

    Hi folks, This weekend I plan to commence the fitment of my Alton starter in combination with the existing Maney outrigger. As I've not stripped a Commando primary before and I have limited imperial sockets could somebody kindly tell me what spanner sizes (or A/F sizes) the clutch and rotor...
  3. cliffa

    Alton Starter / Maney outrigger, anybody combined the two ?

    Folks, I've just spent all my Easter(s) chocolate money on an Alton starter, which looks like a great bit of kit. Howwwwwever... I need your opinion. As I've only had my bike about 15 months I don't know it inside out yet, (and hopefully will never need to), but in the past I was very pleased to...