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Nov 23, 2004
After 25 years of silence....It runs! AND on both cylinders! It might not run well but it does run! I will need to get a set of points, set the timing and carbs...I haven't heard a Norton run in years and with straight pipes it sounds like a Harley.....We'll need to rectify that!
:D :D :D
Congratulations John! A big milestone for sure. Is this that $800 bike you bought last winter?

Why not post some pics of the bike's first ride around the neighborhood? Although your neighbors might be happier if you fitted some mufflers first! :)

Hey Debby,

Yes that is the bike I bought last year...But I only paid $500.00 :p for it!...sorry :D I will post a picture when it is road worthy, I think I have a ways to go before it will move under it's own power. I'm having a hard time determining if I want to back to complete 100% original or mostly stock with liberties to finishes, seat, bar end mirrors...ect. until I make up my mind I won't do too much to it! other than clean, polish, fixing the wiring...ect.
Congrats TJ. I can hear it from my place.
What did you do about the drippy carbs?
Hey Michael,
I have been out of town and have not had a chance to work on the carbs, but as soon as I get home that will be the next thing I tackle. I hope to work on it this Sunday...I will keep you posted!
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