Wonder CDs

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Jul 18, 2005
Has anyone purchased one of the "wonder", and probably illegal, CDs containing everything you ever wanted to know about Nortons?

As a new Norton owner I'm craving to learn all I can about my girl, some of it through neccessity as she's apart on the garage floor now. This, and to a lesser extent, other forums offer a wealth of information about our bikes so is purchasing one of these CD worth it.

I already have the factory and Haynes workshop manuals and Roy Bacon's book on restoration. Comments appreciated.


I have the "Norton CD 3rd Edition" that I bought through the BritBike forum. It is the most valuable resource I have. The combination of all of the service and tech releases, the parts guides (every part number and exploded diagram) and every workshop manual can't be beat. I use it daily.

As for its legality, Heidelberg Desktop Publishing isn't shy about having assembled the material and doesn't appear to be hiding for fear of an intellectual property claim.

Worth it - buy it.
Thanks David, that's the one I was looking at except now it's the fourth edition. I'll order it.

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