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Just come across a norton commando for sale,he says 850 I think 750 can anybody help? engine and frame # match 209597
which model?

It's a late '72 model range. The only way I know to find out which body style it was originally is to ask the NOC in England. They have the factory build records. There should be a red metal plate on the front of the stearing neck that will have a date and serial number stamped.
According to Roy Bacon's book Norton Twin Restoration this makes the bike a 750 combat.
The first Combat was #200976 and the first of the detuned engines was #211110.
The first 850 was #300000.

This was the reply to my request for factory records....

The records are on micro film and a copy is not possible without a visit to a copy centre. The details are very limited and hardley worth copying anyway!.

The entry for your machine :- Engine/frame 138240 built as a 1970 Commando Roadster and despatched to Firth M/cs of Canada. Date 28th June 1970.

'72 combat


Only roadsters and interstates had combat engines, not fastbacks or hi riders in the '72 range. Not all '72 roadsters were combats, but in North America it's likely most were.
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