Where to go for amal resleeving?

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Jul 23, 2005
Can anyone suggest best place to send carbs for resleeving? Or any good or bad experiences? Thanks Mike
I used Bruce Chessel, Triton machine, for my 932's. Fast turnaround, fair price and great looking work.

PS: He's a poster on this board at times.
I may be a bit biased as Bruce is a good friend but he did my carbs about three years ago and his work is very good. He has done work for several people and i do not know anyone who has complained . I was just with Bruce on the weekend at the Vintage Bike Races so don't be afraid to mention my name

I had the MkI's on my Commando re-sleeved with stainless way back when I rebuilt the bike.. in short I have NOT been happy with the result.

In fact I am in the throes of over coming yet more dramas with these same carbs.
What I am doing is ~ putting together several 'original' MK1's to kep me rolling, till I have sent off several 3.5 slides to a Teflon coating company here in Australia.

They are are going to 'give it a bash' in regard to teflon'ing the slide/s only and I will have a tinker with these.

(The manager being a Model 50 owner is keen to follow this exercise thru as well . This of course as I have suggested to him is a 'vested interest' in this exercise, as I have a few more than lightly interested bikers here in Australia watching and waiting to see the results are._)

In short this is going to be a process, and time will tell ~

I will get back with my results. 8)
Stainless Re-Sleeve

I had a customer send in a set of carbs which had been re-sleeved a couple of years ago with stainless, he too was not impressed as the sleeves were actually coming away from the slides. Luckily Bruce was able to remove the old sleeve and then resleeve them in brass.
Alternative Motorcycle Repair of Tucson, Arizona does not actually "sleeve" the carburetor. Instead, they bore the body oversize and supply an oversized slide to match the new bore. The slide is made from brass and is chrome plated. The chrome plating acts as bearing between the slide and pot-metal carburetor body, which prolongs the life of the body.

Is AMR still in business? Last I heard they were moving, closing their storefront, and going internet only. They weren't accepting machine shop work at that time. Maybe they are now???

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