Where Do I get Cylinder Head Oil Feed Lines??

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Mar 1, 2007
One lingering problem on the 850 top end. Where do I get good line for the cyl head feed lines without spending a fortune on stainless & new banjos??? Will 3/16 gas line work or does it fail with the high heat??? Again Gents--Thanks

I have had excellent success making new lines from truck air brake lines. A diesel truck mechanic friend supplies me with scrap pieces long enough trim to fit.

Warm the tube with a heat gun and work the hose barb fully into the tube. Let cool and your done. I have some I made ten or so years ago that are still working fine. Always keep an eye on these plastic lines and when they begin to feel brittle, replace them.

The slick braided stainless lines are really the permanent fix, but don't look right on a restoration.
Nylon compressed air line works well and comes in many colours. Don't over heat it though, use boiling water and just dip the end in.
I use clear tube you can see the pump is delivering.
Mark, I would say don't use standard gas line(petrol pipe) EVER!

I did this back in 1981 when I had a 750 Commando, and the pipe blew off when it got hot. It was dark at the time but luckily the spray of hot oil onto my leg alerted me to the problem. It was nearly goodbye engine!

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