Wheels and tyres???

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I bought a MKIII about 4 months ago and have been tinkering with this and that. Currently, it's down to all the nuts and bolts.

It had a very good front rim and I scored a very nice rear. I'm thinking of installing Avon SuperVenom Tyres 100/90s or 110/90s? Does anyone have any suggestions of a better tyre? I'm not all that concerned about wear, but I want something that's sticky (gumballs even).

Although original, these wheels are HEAVY. Thinking about something lighter, I have found a couple of extra hubs and am thinking of installing alloy rims w/ polished stainless spokes on them (19 on the front and an 18 on the rear).

What width rims and tyres should I consider? I'm thinking a 3" on the rear w/ a 130/80 and a 2.5 on the front w/ a 110/90???

I know clearance on the rear can be a problem w/ wider setups. Anybody know what the widest setup is?
Hi Al, You need WM2 19's the alloy ones are now made by Ecell and can be got at www.buchananspokes.com. You can go 18 on the rear for wider tire choice. I did a 120 on the rear of the 72 and with a new chain adjisted forward I needed to shave the tire so it missed the chain guard. I later went to a 110 rear looks and works just as good. Note that WM2 or any WM number does not come out to inches. norbsa
WM2(1.85) X 18" - 32 holes REWM21832 $136.75
WM2(1.85) X 18" - 36 holes REWM21836 $136.75
WM2(1.85) X 18" - 40 holes REWM21840 $136.75


WM2(1.85) X 19" - 32 holes REWM21932 $136.75
WM2(1.85) X 19" - 36 holes REWM21936 $136.75
WM2(1.85) X 19" - 40 holes REWM21940 $136.75


WM2(1.85) X 20" - 36 holes REWM22036 $144.75
WM2(1.85) X 21" - 36 holes REWM22136 $156.25

WM3(2.15) X 18" - 32 holes REWM31832 $156.25
WM3(2.15) X 18" - 36 holes REWM31836 $156.25
WM3(2.15) X 18" - 40 holes REWM31840 $156.25


WM3(2.15) X 19" - 32 holes REWM31932 $156.25
WM3(2.15) X 19" - 36 holes REWM31936 $156.25
WM3(2.15) X 19" - 40 holes REWM31940 $156.25
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