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I'm pondering the wisdom of sorting through a 30 yr old set of wires vs. purchasing a new loom? Anyone purchased one recently? Is there any difference in the vendors quality?..For instance are they all wraped with crappy old electrical tape and reek of curry (sorry, I actually am in love with curry and Indians) and have terminal ends with pinch fittings instead of the original bullet and spade types? Are they made out of old ironing cords? I'm critical because I recently got a "BMW" loom where the colors didn't even match...of course the guy who was promoting these said..."It's OK, I'll talk you thru it"....can you say Adult Attention Deficit Disorder? I'm facing yet another of my optimisic restorations where my fixing of one thing leads to the discovery of yet another buggered-up item. Are wireing schematics suggestions of what might work if the wires really were laid out like drawings?:oops: Last week this seemed easy. Perhaps someone who has done this before would like to come over to my freezing a-- garage and bang their head on old butaco bars whilst avoiding the Ariel falling off the stand ,opps don't knock over the Rickman,whilst sorting through a rats-nest of sticky old nasty recently detaped, vaguely color-coded Lucas "smoke conduits". "Pipes????" naw,...wires!.yes..Wires! What the hell does Whilst mean anyway? Look what this is doing...I can't even talk 'Merican anymore. Please someone fill in the part where this is 'sposed to be fun.
I'll buy the beer...when we're done (HAPPY NEW YEAR Masochistic Norton fans) Billsq4..the eternal optimist...'73 850 Commando Roadster :lol:
The PO replaced the main harness on my bike a few years back. I don't know where it came from but the quality seems ok. They sell for around $100 so that might be a nice option to going through your old one.

If you do replace it I'd recommend getting new connectors, in particular those double and triple ones under the tank. They break and they get all corroded. Those things gave me a lot of trouble this summer until I replaced them. The singles seem to hold up better but you'll want to go through all of them and clean/repair/replace as required.

Another trouble point is the Lucas ignition switch if you still have it. Mine wore out a couple of months ago. I replaced it with a cheap repop. So far so good...

Hello All,
Just an FYI look up a product on the internet called "DeOxit" wonderful stuff! I use it on all my old motorcycles electrical connectors. It is an oil based contact cleaner with a very mild acid in it. Not only does it clean the contacts, but it leaves an oily conductive film that will resist moisture, and corrosion. I use this stuff on all connectors before reassembly, and I have never had electrical problems. In all fairness, have not worked with Lucas electrical...yet? That will come in the springtime. Just an FYI! If someone would like more info let me know!
Have a Happy and Safe New Year!
The Wires

Thanks for the advice Debbie....Today I ordered a new repro-wire loom from Phil at "Fair Spares" in San Jose, CA
My connectors looked OK. although I may use some of that spray-can terminal protectant on each of the connections. Conversations with others indicate there are quite a few opinions about what was original on a Norton and what was not! The "Cloth Covered" looms were "in" up till about '71....and although they might fit (and cost twice as much) I'm at a loss as to why anyone would lift the skirt of my Norton to check. :lol: Any other advice, inspiration or common sense about how to go about replacing the loom please speak-up....Thanks in advance, Bill aka "sparkie"
7 Core "Trailer" wire is fine for a rewire. I have used it a couple of times without a problem. It costs about $14 AUS to buy. The connectors you need to buy separately & they can be as expensive as you want to go.
A roll of "Red" & a roll of "Black" wire is also handy to have.

It is a good idea to replace the "Spade type" connectors with "Ring" type as they do not vibrate/pull off as easily.

That is the cheapest "reliable" method I have discovered so far.
One of the best things about doing your own rewire is you know where everything "goes" & you can only blame yourself if it stops on you.
Another bonus is you need know nothing about the Pythagorus Theory !
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