Whats a good price for a 75 Norton?

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Aug 31, 2004
Hello, new to the board, so if there is call for an into please forgive me.
Anyhow, I've been working on a couple of Brit bikes for a few years and am now ready for another. I have found a 1975 Commando 850 that is 100% complete and original and has title. The bike runs but not very well. Its been sitting for a couple of years. Anyhow, the owner ask me to make an offer. I'd hate to insult this man, for he is a my friends grandfather. What would be a good price for this bike? I'm not looking for an unheard of deal, just lookinf for fair.
Hi Alpha,
Welcome the the forum!!

To accurately answer to you question, some more info is required:
When was the last time it was on the road?
How is the paint/chrome/rubber? Or how rusty is it?
Does everything work? (Don't worry about the E-start, they never really "worked"!)
What do you mean by "does not run well"? (i.e. bad mechanical noises from the engine, won't idle smoothly, has no power, misses through out the rpm range, etc).

IMHO, the fact that it is complete, together and runs, it should be worth at least $2000US.

Here is a link that may help:
http://www2.nadaguides.com/Values/Value ... 1500004868


From what the old guy told me its sat in the back of his place for about 5 years. I went back there and it was COVERED in dust! Took me a little while to clean it up, but under that dust was a nice surprise. The paint and body seem to be flawless (from what I could see in the dimly lite area). Chrome was in pretty good shape as well. I didn't think to check the under side of the pipes to see if they were banged up. Its been kept in a dry area out of the weather for like I said 5yrs or so. I pretty sure it will need new tires, brakes, and what not.
What I mean by not running well, is its been sitting a good while and it took some time to start it up. I'm thinking old gas, and the carb would probably need to be rebuilt.

I was thinking about offering right at around 2000 for it. I had talk to his grand son and said I MAY be able to get it for around 1800.

Thanks for the link. I'll take a look at it!
Wow, if you can get it for $1800, you are getting a pretty good deal!! The fact that it ran on it's own gas after 5 years is really saying something.

Good Luck!!

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