What size should stanchions mike?

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Apr 2, 2008
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I am getting ready to do a fork rebuild. I bought my stanchions on ebay from the guy from the Chicago area (he has been discussed on Norton boards). What should the OD of the stanchions measure and are there any other measurements that will let me know if the stanchions I got are correct. I understand that this seller sells some good stuff but is a little risky. I bought these before I knew anything about this. From doing a search on this board, I see that even reputable dealers can sell a bad set or two.
Thanks Les. I didn't realized that measurement would be in the workshop manual. According to that data, the OD of the stanchions should be 1.3575" to 1.3590". Mine measures 1.360" or .001" over. Is this a problem. There was an earlier (2005 I believe) post about leaky seals and some dimension being too small was discussed as the possible cause. There must be more curcial dimensions to the stanchions than just the larger OD.
Yes, I did hear there were some undersized stanchions about.

Are they genuine Norton parts?

All I can suggest is that you assemble the forks, and see how they fit together, and ease the bushes/bushings a little, if they are too tight?

As I doubt the guy from Chicago (I'm sure most of us will know who he is) will ever refund your money or exchange them for another pair?
Some that I bought years ago were undersize. They came in genuine Norton wrapping but were about 3 thou undersize. Since we couldn't get any better ones at the time, I had some bushes made to fit.

Yours may be a tad tight in the bushes, but I'd say try assembling them and see where you are. I'd rather have them too tight than too loose.
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