Velocity Stacks

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Dec 5, 2003
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Any source for longer velocity stacks? I have the short ones (1/2") now and would like to get longer ones, say 1" to 1 1/2".

I got the short stacks from MAP but as I recall didn't see any longer ones.

Are you talking about the fire? Didn't affect the University that building was on leased property so we didn't have anything to do with it. It was an old WWII building all wood construction and no sprinklers. We tear down buildings like that, of course thats why our construction cost for new construction is running $200-$300/sf.

Roger that, I went to high school in those building at FtL airport.. old sappy pine makes some fire no?

clubman racing has some, don't know length..

AMAL Velocity Stacks - Both types are priced as pairs. The spun version is too wide to fit Nortons where the CNC version must be used.
CNC turned screenless, thick wall aluminum - For MK1 - #F294 For MK2 - #F295
Spun aluminum for the 900 MK1 series - With filter screens - #F298 Without screens - #F299

Good luck, I'm outta here.. ciao for now
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