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Feb 14, 2004
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I am planning some work on the transmission, lipped seals on kick start and gear lever to deal to oil smear on case after riding the windy stuff and Dyno Daves clutch rod seal to deal with a sticky clutch. I have also seen in the British Spares (NZ) special products catalogue the “Commando clutch pushrod kit” including needle thrust bearing, ball bearing etc. I would be interested in any comments on whether this is necessary, desirable, overkill?


PS thanks to those who responded the electrical query a while back, still have not resolved it but it is quite rideable and spare time has been used for riding rather than tweaking of late.
The use of the diaphram spring on the Commando clutch kind of makes this an un-needed modification. It's a real good thing when running multi-spring pressure plates like the old Atlas clutches. The pancake needle bearing needs to be packed with grease but it only turns when the clutch is disengadged. You might want to check your layshaft bearing mine went out this summer and the only sign was a nasty leak at the kick start seal. The bikes talken to ya, so you best hear. norbsa
Thanks, the gearbox internals haven't been touched since i have had the bike (20yrs) so sounds like time for a once over. It has been ridden hard (by my standards anyway) riding with modern machines in the last couple of years.
The re-build kit from Norvil in England is the best buy for this. Cost me 200.00 US with shipping. Has the new superblend roller bearing all bushes and seals and springs. Thier part # 08-5002 this kit does not come with two things it should though, 04-0033 the pin for the pawl and 04-0132 a needed seal. If I were you I would also order the kick start pawl they wear. You will need some porpose built tools so I hope you have a lathe handy. norbsa
Thanks again, will look at that. When it comes to lathe work etc i leave it to the experts - I have neither the patience nor the skill so would rather work a few extra hours at what i am good at to pay someone who knows what they are doing.
Hey Dave, The kit from Norvil is just for a standard rebuild of the trans and has no pancake needle bearing. norbsa
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